Indulgence Checklist

The basics

  • A great bed. ┬áDid I mention pillows?
  • A restful room
  • A bottomless cup of great coffee with real cream
  • Helpful staff who can steer you where you want to go and leave you alone as well
  • An interesting location to wander

Truly indulgent

  • A big bath tub
  • Plush towels
  • A cozy robe
  • Really good chocolates on your pillow
  • Nice soap and shampoo
  • Wine and cheese happy hour with the good stuff
  • Room service

Heavenly and hedonistic:

  • Giant beds
  • Spa services in the spa or your room
  • Incredible dining
  • 24 hour room service
  • Once in a lifetime views

2 Replies to “Indulgence Checklist”

  1. My Dearest Indulgent,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your journeys. You are a delightful writer. I noticed that there is very little mention of any sort of physical activity though, other than eating.
    Nevertheless, since eating is my metier and exercising not one of my strong points, I was able to fully engage with your essays and savored their deliciousness.
    Much love,

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